To find a good average at the pro level, it is essential to look at a professional’s game, how he plays it and what type of exercises he performs. In the Professional Bowler’s Association (PBA), the highest average was 226, with over 100 games by Jesper Svensson.

A suitable way to measure your average would be to compare it with another player’s average. According to Google, the New Jersey League Bowlers have an average between 190 and 225. In high school, the PBA and NJL averages are higher, averaging around 200. In the mainstream divisions, it ranges from 150 to 180.

What Are Bowling Centers?

The majority of the bowling league players and amateurs do not bowl on professional alleys. They mostly visit the local bowling alley. A bowling center is a high-tech sporting facility and is certified by bowling governing agencies. 

Bowling centers apply different combinations of oils and wax on their alleys. Wax aids the ball’s curve and the oil hinders the movement of the ball. Typically, the wax is applied on the outer edges, whereas the oil is applied in the lanes’ middle. On wax, it is easier for the ball’s spin to change its trajectory and help it stay in the middle of the lanes. Also, the waxed edges prevent the ball from curving off the alley.

Thus, bowling centers guide the slow balls towards the bowling pins using wax on the edges and oil in the middle. This means the average bowling score of people is higher than their actual scores. On the contrary, professional bowlers possess no such advantage since all Professional Bowler’s Association alleys use oil across their alley. A bowling average of 226 on a professional alley is better than a 226 bowled in a local alley.

How Do I Improve My Bowling Average?

A perfect average would be 300 but having such a high bowling score average is impossible. So, a 200+ average is an impressive bowling score average that most aspire to achieve. If your current average lies under 185, it may be initially difficult for you to cross 200. Usually, bowlers who are beginners can not reach such significantly high scores. It is necessary to understand that averages less than 185 or 190 or even at 190 or 195 will require some workout.

The obvious way to improve your bowling skills is to practice. However, this does not mean regular practice. There are certain situations that dedicated bowlers should take into consideration. For example, a bowler who throws strikes often may find it difficult to face certain spares situations. Nailing those spares is much needed to improve your game and increase your bowling score average. Even if you can score three strikes in a row but can not get any spare, your average will still be affected. So, it is vital to keep practicing to pick up more spares.

When you go to different bowling centers, you encounter different types of lanes. Many bowlers have two or more balls because different balls work in different situations due to changes in oil patterns. Some bowlers might even use a single ball for first, pocket or strike shots, and another for spares. This does not imply that you need to own more than two balls; it simply means that it is crucial to understand the condition of the bowling lanes and how your bowling ball will work under specific conditions.

Hiring a bowling coach is also a good idea since judging bowling lane conditions and making the proper adjustments are necessary.

Top Players With High Bowling Averages 

To become a bowler who bowls a good average, you have to note the top players with great averages. As mentioned earlier, the highest bowling average is 226 and the lowest is less than 180. 

1. Jesper Svensson 

This professional bowler from Sweden started his bowling career in 1992 and won his first Tournament 5 years later by becoming the European Bowling Tour winner. His highest bowling score was 236. He achieved it in the 2003-2004 season.

2. Don Carter 

Don Carter bowled with The Dye Company and has an average of 226. He also won the PBA championship in 1999. Also, he first made a name for himself after winning the Little League World Series in 2003, where he bowled 7 strikes in a row.

3. Norm Duke 

Norm Duke is a two-time World Bowling Tour champion who started his professional bowling career in 1992 and won more than 20 titles. His average bowling score was 227.

Final Thoughts 

The goal of most bowlers is to reach a bowling score average of 200 or more. When this target is achieved, it offers a sense of fulfillment and confidence. The interesting thing about the bowling score average is that it’s not just a number but an indication of how well you’re doing as a bowler. More than average scores, it’s the mental and physical growth that matters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many types of bowling games are there?

A. There are several types of bowling games:

1. Candlepin bowling
2. Ten pin bowling
3. Duckpin bowling
4. Mini-bowling
5. Open bowling 
6. Cosmic bowling

Q. Name some famous bowling players?

A. Players such as Jason Belmonte, John Mcgraw, Pete Weber, Walter Ray Williams Jr are known for their career titles and their achievements in the bowling game.

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