Unlike most other sports, bowling is an activity that will make your hands oily and dirty. This article will help you find out the methods of cleaning a bowling ball.

Method 1. Clean Bowling Ball at Home

Nearly all bowling balls are made of synthetic plastic that allows easy cleaning, which is convenient if you’re looking to do this yourself. It’s best to clean your bowling ball at home if you can. Follow the given steps and you are good to go for cleaning!

1. First, get your bowling ball into the kitchen sink. Fill your ball with room-temperature water that’s at least waist-high.

2. Soak your ball for at least twenty minutes to thoroughly clean it.

3. Rinse the bowl under running water until the water runs clear. Dry it with a towel.

4. If there are any visible areas on your ball that need to be cleaned, you can use one hundred percent rubbing alcohol to remove them while you’re cleaning your bowling balls. Doing this while you’re cleaning will prevent the plastic from cracking while drying and prepares your bowling balls for storage or resale

5. After your bowling ball is completely dry, use a soft cloth to buff it with a shine. This will help your ball look brand new.

6. If you don’t have a sink in your home, you can use a bucket of warm water and some liquid dish soap to clean your bowling balls at home.

7. It’s best to clean your ball after every time you bowl so they’re nice and shiny.

Method 2: Clean Bowling Ball in Professional Shop

If you’re looking for professional help with cleaning your bowling ball, the most reputable bowling centers will provide this service for free periodically throughout the year. 

1. Take your bowling ball to your local bowling center. Most bowling centers will do this for free.

2. The professional shop staff will clean, sand, polish, and wax your ball to get it ready for sale

They’ll also replace the ball’s cover if there is any damage or wear on it

3. When they’re done cleaning and sanding your bowling ball, store them in a store-appropriate location so they don’t get damaged over time. 

It’s essential that you thoroughly dry your bowling balls before storing them. Otherwise, moisture can destroy the plastic bowler over time.

The useful shelf life of any plastic material is three years if stored in dry temperatures of 59 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% relative humidity.

4. If you have a lot of bowling balls, consider buying a ball storage rack. It will keep your bowling balls from getting damaged and make storing them a lot easier.

Customers who bought the Two-Tier Ultra-Duty Ball Storage Rack rated it 5 out of 5 stars for its durability and design.

The racks can hold up to twenty-four bowling balls and come with a ten-year warranty covering any damage from regular use.

Can You Use Windex on a Bowling Ball?

While there is no specific evidence linked to the use of Windex on bowling balls, it has been suggested by some people that it won’t hurt your ball. However, the best way to clean a bowling ball is still by using a bowl filled with warm water and liquid dish soap. 

What about using other types of cleaners? Hydra-Clean has an incredible reputation for cleaning bowling balls while leaving them completely dry and fine enough to reuse. The product works on synthetic and natural materials such as leather, vinyl, rubber, textiles, etc.

Is Rubbing Alcohol Bad for Bowling Balls?

While it’s always best to clean your bowling ball after each use, you shouldn’t scrub the ball with alcohol. Alcohol is extremely harsh on any material that it touches. The components of rubbing alcohol are methanol and water; they both contain organic compounds that can break down plastics, rubber and vinyl.

How Dirty Is a Bowling Ball?

We’ve all heard this before: “You should clean your bowling ball after every time you bowl.” But what does this mean? How dirty do they get with all the different models and brands of bowling balls on the market? The answer is simple: It depends. A dirty bowling ball is one that’s been used a lot and has gotten dirty and oily from foul weather conditions and oil on your hands during play. 

If you’re just getting started in the game, clean your bowling ball with soap and water at least once a week or use mild dish soap and warm water. That way, it’ll be ready to go for all those bowls you plan on throwing.

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It is essential to properly care for your bowling ball and keep it in good condition for as long as possible. If you’re just starting, start tending to your ball every week, and clean it every time you bowl. Each ball is different, so there is no specific cleaning schedule or method recommended for all balls. 


Q1. Can you scrub balls with Windex?
No, Windex is not recommended for cleaning your bowling ball. It’s like throwing water on a burning flame; doing so could spit the ball out of shape or even crack it. If you use dish soap and warm water on your ball, it will already have enough cleaning power to clean the whole thing perfectly.

Q2. Can you use toothpaste to clean your bowling balls?
No, toothpaste has too much grit in it for cleaning bowling balls. It also contains chemicals that may harm the plastic protective layer of your ball. The best thing to do is wash it with warm water and soap, or try using Hydra-Clean.

Q3. How many times can you polish a bowling ball?
You can polish a bowling ball repeatedly, but after doing so several times, the ball’s surface will become smoother and rougher at the same time.