A bowling game is a sport in which players throw the ball from one target towards another target. So, it is a kind of target sport. There is plenty of Bowling centers or bowling alley across the world. Bowling is simply a fun game that everyone can enjoy, whether a bowling pro or not. It is effortless to learn; all you need is practice because practice makes a man perfect. It is an inexpensive sport. For beginners, a cheap and straightforward bowling ball and bowling shoes are usually recommended. But the question is that whether you need to buy your bowling ball or borrow it? The answer is, YES, you should buy your bowling ball of the type you want. Now the question arises, why should you buy your bowling ball instead of borrowing it? So here in this article, you will find all the reasons and advantages why you should buy your bowling ball.

Reasons to Buy Your Own Bowling Ball:

Improve Your Game

Choosing your custom bowling ball according to your hand grip and bowling style will play a key role in improving your game. If you buy an old bowling ball, you have to make your bowling style according to that ball, which is tricky. The new ball will adapt to you very soon.

Reduce Risk of Injury

You have more control over your ball than on an old ball which reduces the risk of injury. Wrist, elbow, shoulder, and other injuries are standard if the ball is not according to your style. Suppose you have your ball; you have to put less effort during bowling because it will act the way you want.

Add Convenience

Your ball will bring more convenience to you. If you have your bowling ball, you don’t have to rely upon others. Your ball will be your favorite one.

To Avoid Germs

You have no idea that the old ball you are using from the racks has so many germs on it. People with particular allergies to germs should avoid using bowling alley balls. When you buy a new ball of your own, you don’t have to be conscious of germs.

Source of Prestige

When you own your ball, you will always be the center of attraction. So, indeed a new ball will bring prestige to you. When you go to a work party and use your ball, you will experience prestige among your friends.

Focus On Your Technique, Not Your Equipment

When you own your ball, you become friends with it, and you know very well that how the equipment will respond, but if you use an old ball, every time you have to first focus on the ball and have to understand the dynamics of the ball and after that, you can concentrate upon your technique. So it is also a time-consuming matter.

The Advantages of Having Your Bowling Gears

The most important advantage of using your gear is that it perfectly fits your hand. If you depend on another’s ball, it will never fit according to your hand and will bring you in trouble during your game and lack consistency. If you use the balls at alleys, you might notice that not every ball fits your hand, and you lose your game because of just choosing the inappropriate ball. On the other hand, using your ball customized according to your hand will bring a better grip.

Material of a Good Bowling Ball

Mostly plastic balls are the cheapest. Balls made of plastic are usually suitable for beginners and children too. Bowling balls are available in four different types of materials.


These balls are not reactive and have a dull look in comparison with the others. These balls are not suitable for professional play.

Reactive Resin

This ball is available in various types according to weight and colors. Professional bowlers use these balls because they give excellent results at the end of the game. These balls are costly, just like other bowling gears. They come in three styles; solid, two-part, and urethane-covered balls. Ebonite International first made the Reactive Resin ball during the 1980s era.


Composite balls are made of plastic with various materials like metal, rubber, and micro-glass. These balls are dually composed of plastic and fiberglass. They are the best option for professional bowlers because they offer better grip. All these types of balls are not reactive, so they will not react to the oils in your skin which is quite natural & healthy.

Synthetic Material

Synthetic balls are very cheap and come at low prices. They have many disadvantages too, but it is OK if you don’t put any pressure on professional bowling goals, you can use this ball at home or for hobby purposes. You can use any synthetic ball that suits your needs perfectly. 

How Do I Know a Perfect Weight Bowling?

An approximate bowling ball weighs 15 or 16 lb for males, and it is 10-12 lb for females. A more heavy ball can cause injury. According to research, a bowling ball should weigh 10 percent of your body weight.

How Do I Know if My Bowling Ball Is Too Heavy?

An easy way to know that whether that bowling ball is heavy or not is to have the ball in the palm of your hand. If you can hold it without your arm shaking, it’s perfect for you, but you should go for other choices if your arm is shaking.

Top 10 Best Bowling Ball Brands 

Here are the tops most demanding brands of bowling balls;


Columbia 300.





Roto Grip.


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As you can see, the reason for buying a new ball for you is all up to your choice and preference. The only thing you have to do is get the ball of your choice according to your hand grip and style. I guess this book will be the perfect help for anyone who wants to purchase his bowling ball.


Q1. Are old bowling balls worth anything?
Not all buy old balls, but some do. You may get an old bowling ball in a range from $50-125 from bowling retailers, and weights also vary from 10lb to 16lb.

Q2. Why do pro bowlers use two hands?
Using two hands in bowling has been popularized in recent years by Professional Bowlers. Power and control might be the two reasons for using two hands, and the use of two hands in bowling is also legal.